Monday, 14 November 2011

The Achievement List can be found HERE.

1: Stay Sharp: Teat your skill on the obstacle course.

2: Milehigh Jack: Capture Persident Vorschevsky for Makarov by hijacking his plane.

3: Over Reactor: Stop the Russian submarine from having a nuclear meltdown.

4: Hit And Run: Local strongmen are holding our embassy staff for ransom. We don't negotiate with terrorists.

5: Toxic Paradise: Collect smaples of a deadly nerve agent in a Juggernaut suit.

6: Firewall: Hack into enemy security sentries and reach the subway in time. (Two players only)

7: Fatal Extraction: Intercept enemy intel to locate and eliminate the high value target.

8: Hostage Taker: Use stealth to save the president's daughter before Makarov's men find her.

9: Charges Set: Another round on the obstacle course with new weapons, more tangos and explosive breaching.

10: Resistance Movement: Get as many rebels to the LZ as you can. Do it quietly.

11: Little Bros: Destroy seneitive data before the Russians get their hands on it.

12: Invisible Threat: Use the UAV and a Juggernaut suit to find and defuse IEDs.

13: Server Crash: Battle your way to Volk's hideout and download his master plan.

14: Smack Town: Relieve the local militia of their contraband.

15: Flood The Market: Find the encryption codes in the Stock Exchange and upload them to CENTOCOM.

16: Fire Mission: Disable enemy anti-air defence and infiltrate their base with AC-130 support. (Two players only)

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